The power of "Softness"

One month into leaning into my word of the year "Softness", and I am already learning a lot.


Being a recovering #overachiever who is always critical of myself, practicing Softness made me:


1) Discard my must-do lists but focused on guide posts

I focus on ONE critical thing that I need to be done for the day, and the other tasks are serving as daily guideposts. I would not criticise myself for not completing them by the same day, however, completion is a bonus and celebrated.


2) More productive as I focus on things that bring me lightness and ease

I thought "softness" means I would slack off. Instead, I started fulfilling my guidepost tasks more consistently, with less overwhelm! (Mammoth) Tasks that I used to procrastinate over are now broken down to bite-sized, even micro-sized so I can execute with lightness and more ease.


3) Less reluctant to ask for help

In today's fast-paced world (do you need a reminder it is already the end of Jan?), it is easy to fall into the pattern of hustling and pushing ourselves to achieve success. Softness reminds me that I do not need to be the "perfect" person who has it all, and be Miss do-it-all. I can "soften" my armor and ask for advice, support, and collaboration. Just knowing that I can choose to get help out there gives me a sense of relief. 


4) Lessen fear of judgment, and be more open and flexible to possibilities

By reminding myself to approach life/work "softly", I found myself more courageous in speaking up. Solutions could be offered gently, and I found myself more open and flexible to other points of view and other ways of approaching the problem. Previously, I would be much beaten up by rejection or negative feedback, as my ego felt attacked and I had to defend, which may come across as pushy or aggressive.


Overall, I am humbled by the power of Softness. I used to underestimate this quality - thinking it makes me weak. Softness led me to more gentleness, kindness, and flexibility in myself and others. It also helped me find flow and joyful productivity, which I believe would lead to greater balance, as compared to hustling single-mindedly for success and achievement.


So, I invite you to consider the power of Softness as a way to move forward when you are faced with challenges, or when stuck with overwhelm, or procrastination!

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