What I learned from Marie Kondo and Self Identity

For many Chinese,  the Lunar new year comes with annual spring cleaning to let go of old things in order for new beginnings. As such, "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" seems like the perfect show for me to Netflix and chill during the holiday season.

Little did I expect that the show would spark reflection about my identity, without even going through the KonMari method myself!

I used to scoot daily to work from home for 3 years. I even participated in government focus groups and was featured on TV to represent the scooter community.

Since I started my new job a month ago, it was obvious that I no longer could scoot to work which is now too far away and dangerous even if I wanted to.


I wanted to keep my scooter because of so many reasons.

1. What if I still need it to run errands around my neighbourhood, when my car is unavailable?

2. I paid a premium for a top tier model, it will be a waste to let it go!

3. I feel unique and cool, being an office lady who commutes to work via e-scooter. It was also a great conversation starter!


However, taking a step back helped me to have rational, comeback answers for all the above.

1. "What if" questions are asked out of fear, and the probability of it happening is very low

2. It had served me very well, providing more than a thousand safe trips. I am grateful for the past but I do not need to bring it with me to the future.

3. This was the toughest out of all objections. Having an e-scooter is a mean of transportation and an object. I created the emotions and formed it as part of my identity. Once I realised that, I have the power to also dissociate it from my identity.


Over the weekend, I sold away my electric scooter. 


We tend to think by owning things, it will carve my identity X (e.g. look more successful), or make me feel Y. (e.g. feel more fulfilled)

Have you heard of others with new year resolutions like, "Get that promotion, own the house... so I can be happy!"


 Do you own something which you always thought defines your identity? What is it? What makes you "you", if you let go of that?


Contact hello@cottongrassco.com if you would like to explore a new you. What better time to invest in yourself than the new year? 




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    Denyse Ng (Sunday, 15 December 2019 08:24)

    Yeah! You’re more than an office e scooter lady! And you also had good foresight since it’s now banned in many places lol. I wanna watch the tv show you were in! Which is it?