Mindfulness · 31. January 2021
I went for a staycation, in a monastery in Singapore
I checked into a monastery to sleep on the floor, have no phone, no food after 12pm, no talking, no going out, no entertainment for 5 days. and I loved it. Here is why you should experience it too.
Mindfulness · 09. January 2021
Becoming Minimalist
We are officially #homeless. We sold our first home and are putting up in a temporary place for the next 3 months until our new house is ready. It had been an intensely emotional journey. During the packing, it was a perfect opportunity to declutter since the last move 5 years ago. For every item, I asked myself, “Do I really need it?” Also, using the Marie Kondo way, “Does it spark joy?” It is quite scary actually to realise that for the 70% of the things I own - the answer is no. So...
Mindfulness · 24. March 2020
Have you felt torn due to the many voices in your head? How do you choose which voice to listen to?

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