Our mission is to heal the epidemic of loneliness, one connection at a time.

This is through building a heart-based community through experiential and psychoeducational events that build emotional awareness, empathy, presencing. We believe that success in life is determined by the quality of connections, and aim to collaborate with other changemakers to spread the message of courage, vulnerability and authenticity. We offer a space where we can just BE, removing the layers of image and just be SEEN. Our workshops and activities help connect deeply with our body and soul, shining light on our values and beliefs, and relating to our thoughts, emotions and actions.


Relating Authentic World (RAW) programs

RAW Circles


RAW Circles (in person) — A safe space for revealing your true self. Practices being present, learn about RAW principles to relate, be authentic and practice witnessing. Participants learn to communicate authentically about their thoughts and emotions, while connecting with others.


"It took courage for me to come, but I felt truly seen and made connections with so many beautiful people."


"I really liked the event and still kept the drawings we drew during one of the exercises."


RAW Workshops

Introduction of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and psychoeducation workshops.

Interactive sessions with proven tools to bring clarity to who you are, your goals and possible barriers in the role of mind, emotions and body.

Topics: Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, resilience, transformational leadership, sustainable change, mind-body health, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


"We really liked the experiential activities and have been implementing in our other trainings too."


"After attending the resilience workshop, I realised I am not alone in these challenges."



Awakening Dreams Podcast



Elle has invited inspiring women to come to the podcast to talk about topics on authenticity and connection. In Season 1, 7 women shared about their awakening journey. Watch season 1 here


Have a story to tell? Contact us to be featured. 



Lovingly Fertile Support Group 



For anyone in their fertility journey, who is tired of pushing their bodies alone, who are struggling with their emotions and mental health and have tried many methods to conceive with little success.

Women in the trying to conceive (ttc) stage are invited to practise acceptance, compassion and respect towards our bodies. A non-judgemental space for fertile women regardless of results. We welcome and honor all emotions, and harness the collective wisdom of the feminine.


Our group is LGBTQ+ inclusive. Contact Elle for Whatsapp link if interested to join.


“I worry I may burden or trigger others, and Google is overwhelming, this group is a godsend.”


“It is a daily reminder to put self care first, and health is a priority.”