Why work with Elle?

Elle uses scientifically proven methodology and tools to inspire healing and clarity, so you will take nimble yet courageous actions towards your purpose and goals.


With triple modality of coaching (forward looking), psychotherapy (backward looking), authentic relating (focus on the present, tuning into intuition and the body), we offer a holistic approach to help you with real transformation. Whatever goal you set, we are 100% committed to support you to achieve them - from releasing your past, acknowledging your emotions and holding you accountable towards your goals.


Known to be curious, intuitive and authentic, Elle has accumulated more than 200 hours of facilitation and coaching experience. She is International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited since 2017. She also holds a professional diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy with trained modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused brief therapy and hypnotherapy from the School of Positive Psychology.


Through her RAW framework, Elle champions:

  • Relating — Connecting with our past, present and future selves and how others shaped our identities
  • Authentic — Noticing and revealing your thoughts, emotions and body
  • Witness — Non-judgemental space to embrace and accept all parts of yourself


Through her cognitive, solution and heart-based approach, she helps others be congruent in mind, heart and action, as a result finding their authentic self, overcome the fear barrier and have courage to pursue their dream life.


About Elle

Coming from a single parent family, Elle experienced a stressful and lonely childhood. She obtained the ASEAN scholarship when she was 13 and has been living independently away from her family since, and went on to have a successful marketing career in global companies. Elle fully appreciates the struggles of the career challenges and societal pressure as a young woman firsthand, experiencing imposter syndrome, anxiety and feeling empty while constantly trying to overachieve, impress others, to be liked and accepted.


Her promotion to global marketing manager triggered an emotional downward spiral, which spurred her to explore what is real happiness.  After going through many self discovery courses, coaching, yoga, meditation and many more, she discovered 2 things: 1. Authenticity starts with knowing who we are, before knowing what we truly want. 2. Quality relationships is the number one factor towards happiness and success in life. This is validated across multiple positive psychology models.


Since then, she is committed to inspire others to practice courage, vulnerability, authenticity and compassion towards building connections with self, family, marriage and the community. 


Elle is committed to support youths from at risk family backgrounds and young female leaders to achieve their full potential, and has since volunteered with non-profit organizations like CARE (Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association), YWLC (Young Women Leadership’s Connection),  SCWO Star Shelter.


Is this for me?

I will help you gain clarity of what do you really want? What is your definition of a purposeful life? It could be:

  • Getting pregnant with ease
  • Advancing your career
  • Building a successful business
  • Have a loving partner
  • Building loving relationships with family and friends
  • Pursue a hobby
  • Have a healthier body
  • Pursuing a lifelong purpose
  • Achieve financial abundance

For women who are ready to take back her power, to master the mind and body, to find her strengths and purpose, to step up and live her best version of herself, as she has always meant to be.


As we do the work, we realised men need the space (more than ever!) to connect to themselves, and to not be ashamed when they tap onto their vulnerability and ask for support / provide support.