Awakening Dreams Podcast

Awakening Dreams Podcast · 01. August 2021
Healing through One Degree Mindset Shift
In this episode of RAW, I interviewed Sophie Leung, a Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Life Coach. She shares about She shares about her journey from feeling trapped as a young corporate woman to becoming an empowered intuitive leader who helps others discover their true purpose.
Awakening Dreams Podcast · 17. May 2021
Rebuilding Relationship with Money
For our fourth guest in Season 2, we have Cynthia from Empower2Free, who will be sharing her journey of redefining what it means to be a financially savvy woman and creating a free and fulfilled life.
Awakening Dreams Podcast · 28. March 2021
In this episode, we have Fiona, who is a Reiki Master, Channeler, and Yoga Teacher. She will be sharing how the COVID-19 circuit-breaker period forced her to return from Bali, Indonesia, to be back in Singapore to face her past.
Awakening Dreams Podcast · 23. February 2021
Dream Relationship Starts with Self-Love
Interview with Serene Lim — Spiritual Love & Life Coach on why self-love is so important that allowed her to fully embrace who she is, especially in moving past her divorce and finding love again.
Awakening Dreams Podcast · 18. January 2021
Get Support, Not Permission to Pursue Your Dreams
In this episode, I interviewed Low Yi Juan, director of Architects of Life, who will be sharing her journey of becoming a social entrepreneur in Singapore.
Awakening Dreams Podcast · 04. July 2020
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