Awakening Dreams

Adulting came very early at 14 years old. I never felt like I fit in, was very lonely and worked extremely hard to maintain my scholarship and support myself financially. Before age 30, my life was filled with anxiety, intense fear of rejection and judgement. I was insecure, constantly seeking for approval, yet do not allow myself to acknowledge my achievements when I received them.


Before one's awake, one was asleep in darkness. 


Have you heard of the Cocoon effect? One must go through pain and suffering, in order to experience huge transformation, like the caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly. Once the light is shone, I can no longer be in the shadows. My awakening journey is the unlearning of fear, dissolving of shame through the acceptance of self compassion. 


What are my dreams, you may ask? A child's dream maybe living "Happily ever after", but an adult's dream is different. I am not talking about dreaming to be a millionaire, or have the latest Birkin bag. Well, if you have a dream like that, I am not going to judge! 


My dream does not discriminate the "haves" vs "have-nots". I want people do not judge based on what they have, but who they are.


I dream of this world to be a less lonely place, where everybody feels worthy and loved. Everyone is treated with dignity and humility.

I wish for this passionately, and hope for this fervently.


While physical RAW events can yet to be held, I hope my podcast can reach many more people than my events could, and touch someONE with the authentic stories shared by ordinary women with extraordinary courage.  I hope, when more adult dreams are awakened, the world is a more loving and compassionate place.


What does "Awakening Dreams" mean to you?



Awakening Dreams podcast by Relating Authentic World will be out every 2 weeks, from 11 July 2020.


What you can expect:

  • Season 1: 10 inspiring women - artists, coaches, community builders, healers from US, Europe, Asia sharing about circling, authentic relating, yoga, mindfulness, intuition, femininity, relationships, motherhood, tantra and more.
  • Interviews are conducted the RAW way - where we welcome everything, honor self and others, and connect with our guests authentically with heart based listening.
  • Each episode is less than 30min long. 


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