Reflections of 2019


The word to sum up 2019 for me is “Courage”.


1. I joined a new company looking at a new industry and new geographical markets. I had to assume nothing and relearn everything
2. I sky dived in New Zealand because I could not find a reason NOT to do it.
3. I started my own Cottongrass Co - focusing on building a conscious community of leaders who practises vulnerability and authenticity.
4. I created RAW Connection - Relating Authentic Women community events, not knowing anyone will come.
5. I had my first paying client for life coaching, as well as paying participants for my workshops.
6. I volunteered as a mentor at an Institution - not knowing whether I could add value to youths who are facing such a trying time in their lives.
7. One of my goals were to speak publicly. Everytime an opportunity came, I was scared, but I said “Yes, why not?”. I spoke regionally in Singapore, Malaysia and India. I was also a wedding emcee for a friend. The largest one gotta be to 382 signups at B2B Marketing Asia conference.


So Thank you collaborators. Thank you supporters, thank you listeners. Every encouragement and rejection, success and failure provided opportunities for growth. Here’s to living a purposeful and authentic life in 2020
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