August Reflections of Letting Go and Going Deeper within

August is here. Where did year 2020 go?


While time seemingly paused as we spent most of our days indoors and conference calls, we could focus on the struggles, or focus on how far we have grown.


Where shall I begin? This post serves to honor myself of my consistent actions, and I hope it keeps you informed of some of the developments happening at Cottongrass Co.


1. Challenge my body insecurities as a model 


Earlier this year, I shaved my head bald as an act of defiance against the virus to regain a sense of control. You can read about my experience here. Since then I have vowed to walk on my path of discovering my feminity. That came in the form of conceptualising a photoshoot on what I represent!

I was always insecure of my body. This was a mission to challenge that and put aside the insecurities, trust and enjoy the process!  

I am embracing myself as an intuitive ambivert, who is also a resilient, bold dreamer who walks the talk!

It was also a learning experience for me to communicate my vision, and I am very grateful my photographer cum badass sister Ryana Yusoff managed to capture it.  This is one of my favourite shots - signifying creativity, courage, freedom, energy and hope. 




2. Launch of Awakening Dreams Podcast


Awakening Dreams Podcast was pivoted and born during COVID when RAW events could not happen, both stemming from my intense desire to have authentic connection.

Instead of a group gathering setting, I invited inspiring women to have 1:1 chats with me in an authentic, intimate setting online. Season 1 focuses on how they found their purpose and are living their dreams today. I'm blown away by their honesty and willingness to get real, as we touched on personal topics like meltdown, divorce, depression, fear and judgement; and how they overcame the setbacks in order to pursue their dreams.

We have wrapped up Season 1 of interviews and my weekend nights are spent editing, editing! I am super grateful that these AMAZING women based in Singapore and beyond spent their time with me, in hopes it will benefit and inspire anyone who is listening out there.

You can now watch 3 episodes here. However if you are more of a audio person, I can't wait to get into the recording studio this week, to push them out on major podcast platforms soon! Stay tuned...   

3. Community work to empower young females


I am grateful that Young Women Leadership Connection (YWLC) gave me the opportunity to share about emotional awareness and wellness for their members and partner organisations.

This is really why I do what I do - to work with young females, to empower them and overcome their self-doubts. Myself, with the help of facilitators, helped participants to understand their emotions in order to increase resilience during this confusing and stressful times.

For some emotion wellness hacks, you can check them out here on the IG highlights



4. Completion of another round of Relating Authentic Women Kickstart Program


I am so grateful that my clients entrust me with their lives. That is a HUGE responsibility that I do not take lightly.

During this difficult quarantine period, I walked with a brave, beautiful woman over 10 weeks, through ups and downs, and I am so proud of her transformation in energy, mindset and emotions! We saw concrete results by half way of the program in career, family and self. As the program ends, we are both confident she will be marching forward with her uncovered purpose. While her graduation is a bittersweet feeling,  it marks a new beginning for her and for me during this August full moon. 


I am now ready to reset. I have one VIP slot open as of today, for the RAW Kickstart program - where I help you awaken your dreams to live a purposeful, joyful life, and be the most authentic you! If you resonate with my energy, I invite you to give yourself permission and take the step forward. Message me for a no obligation clarity call!


5. Embarking on my journey as a Psychotherapist


Last but not least, I am beyond excited to share that I have signed up to be trained as a psychotherapist, to better serve my clients. This would be a long, 3 year journey. 

However, I feel that I am following my truth. I am believing that this calling is helping me to live an authentic and empowered life daily.








My dreams are awakened, they are rainbow colored, they smell of after rain, and also of abundance, like the oranges my grandma offered me in my dreams. 


Listen to the Awakening Dreams spotify playlist here