My Top and worst moments of 2022

Jan 2022 - When I was hit with raging, itchy hives, there seemed to be no end in sight. I was deeply angry that it will affect my IVF progress.


This caused 3 months of delay, and also 2 failed rounds of IVF.


Aug 2022 was the most moving moment in my life, when I first heard my baby's heartbeat. Getting over first trimester, I am starting to cautiously accept that my miracle is indeed happening. 🙏


Grateful for the trials, blessings and the lessons 2022 has given me, and all the support and love I have received, . 

Many times we do not tell our story and carry it ourselves because we think we need to have a “happy ending” to a story.


To all who are in the middle of your story/ battle, look at what happened in Jan 2022, and look at how far you have become!